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Pictures from “The Bourbon Trail” – Lexington, Kentucky

Louisville Waterfront Park at Sunset

As the sun began to set along the Kentucky Indiana border the riverfront became incredibly gorgeous.  All of these shots actually came from the Canon kit lens as it was the only lens I had with me in a wide focal length. I’m a firm believer that this lens often gets overlooked because it’s a kit lens with a plastic mount. It may not be anything close to an L lens, but with some patience you can still get some great shots out of it.

Ohio Statehouse – Columbus, Ohio


Hot Dog!

A picture of the bar at Dirty Frank's Gourmet Hot Dog Restaurant Columbus, OH

The Bar at Dirty Frank’s Restaurant during December.

In the downtown area looking for a quality meal at a food truck price? Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace might just be the place for you. This might be the cheapest restaurant operated by Liz Lessner but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in quality. Plenty of Gourmet hot dog options and toppings with alcoholic slushies and unique decor to boot.  Veggies and Vegan’s have no fear as they also have plenty of options for the not dog crowd as well. Be prepared to wait a bit as I’ve been here several times in the evening, and this is the first time I’ve seen the place not packed to the gills.