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Central California During the Drought.

I recently got back from a trip to California. When I had started planning the trip I was unaware that there would be a drought or a cold weather snap, but I wasn’t going to let circumstances get in the way of getting some pictures. I traveled from King’s Canyon near the Sequoia National park to the coastal region stopping at Morro Rock and Moonstone Beach. Even in the midst of a drought California is a beautiful place.


Louisville Waterfront Park at Sunset

As the sun began to set along the Kentucky Indiana border the riverfront became incredibly gorgeous. ¬†All of these shots actually came from the Canon kit lens as it was the only lens I had with me in a wide focal length. I’m a firm believer that this lens often gets overlooked because it’s a kit lens with a plastic mount. It may not be anything close to an L lens, but with some patience you can still get some great shots out of it.