Columbus Video Production

Are you looking for someone in Central Ohio area who can help your brand or business create a commercial? How about a training video or a crowdfunding explainer video for a KickStarter or Indiegogo campaign? We have experience in all of these types of projects and more.

 We offer services at all stages of video production life cycle. From pre-production work like scripting, to shooting video and managing cast and crew on set on the day of filming, to post production need such as color correcting, titles, and FX.

Whether you’re looking video for a website or broadcast We can deliver. In house equipment kit rental offered and is based around a Canon C100 Cinema camera using an Atomos External recorder. I also have experience working on numerous DSLR productions. Assets are professionally maintained and secured with offsite backup and data redundancy.

Video editing and post production is built around the Adobe Creative Suite using Premeire pro, After Effects, and Speedgrade.

For a quote or full gear list please contact me at

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